Our site visit and consultation are intended to assist you to see the potential of your land. In consultation with our client we can help you decide what tree varieties will go where and design the best system for function, fruit and success. 

Benji will cover all aspects of any existing orchard that you may have and assist you with decisions based on what stays and what goes regarding the health of the orchard. Benji can cover different types of low maintenance systems that might suit your specific situation and speak of any improvements that may be identified.

Benji will also cover the new plantings of new fruit trees and look at the whole orchard design around maintenance, aesthetics and productivity. It’s helpful to have your priorities and wishes noted down prior to his arrival.

He will also cover any ground work preparations to be done prior to planting eg.native shelter belting, top soil addition or cultivation, ways of water supply etc.

We will also discuss our orchard installation and native planting services which can be roughly quoted on the day. You will be able to cover all that you need to know within the hour and be left with a vision for going forward.

We are happy to assist you in your property’s developments.

Whats included:

• if its an existing orchard we will review and outline recommendations
• suggest maintenance regimes that suit your needs
• new planting varieties
• review ground work preparations if needed
• shelter-belt recommendations
• irrigation schemes and water supply

Site Visit & Consultation:
1-2 adults - $200/hr + GST
3 or more adults (children not included) - $290.00/hr + GST

$90/hr plus GST.

80¢/km plus GST.