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About the illustrations:

The illustrations are meant to only be indicative of size and colour of the fruit. They are not accurate representations of the bearing fruit.


Apples ~ $48

Budded onto M793 (all soil types) grows to 3-5 mtrs & N/Spy (heavy clay) grows to 3-5 mtrs

Eating Apples – 

Early Season:

001    EARLY STRAWBERRY – Similar to Golden Delicious, red streaks when ripe, sweet and crisp. Heavy bearer. Good lunch box size for kids. Ripe in late December.

002    SUNRISE – PVR held by McGrath’s Nurseries, Early ripening hence the name. Good sweet/sharp balance, fairly acidic, crisp flesh & juicy. Ripening over a long period making it a valuable home garden variety. Ripe in late December.

003    OWEN THOMAS – Introduced 1920. Named after Queen Victoria’s last head gardener, a renowned fruit man. Intense rich, sweet/sharp flavor.  Soft & creamy with juicy flesh. Eat fresh, not a keeper. Ripe January

004    RED GRAVENSTEIN – Vintage. Crisp flesh which glistens with juice. Light sweet taste. Keeps it’s shape when cooked. Used for pies, juice & cider. Green skin with red blush. Ripe January.

005    PEASGOODNONSUCH - A huge apple! Highly esteemed culinary apple. Tart, acid, sweet flavour. Ripe mid to late January.

006    BONZA – Green & red in colour. Sweet & juicy with very white firm flesh. Flat shape. Dual purpose. Eaten fresh or as a cooker. Holds shape when cooked. Australian chance seedling. Ripe late January.

007    AKANE – Japanese. A vibrant red wine skin with pure white flesh. Crisp, juicy & chewy flesh with a hint of strawberry flavour. Ripe late January.

008    MOLLIE’S DELICIOUS – 1948. Large ribbed, angular shape. Almost rich taste, but also recalls Golden Delicious. Crisp, sweet, juicy cream flesh. Ripe January/February.

009    PRIMA – Medium sized. Bright red, firm, creamy white flesh. Crisp & sweet. Eat fresh from the tree. Highly recommended to organic orchardists, disease resistant. Ripe February.

010    COX’S ORANGE PIPPIN – A medium sized apple. Sharp, tangy flavour. Skin is striped red over a green background. Reliable old fashioned variety & still a renowned commercial apple, ripening in February.

011    LOBO APPLE – Large fruit. Beautiful deep maroon flush. Refreshing & juicy. Sweet with lots of flavour. A Canadian apple best for apple sauce or recipes where you want the apple to break down during cooking. It is an excellent eating apple & used for the production of apple juice. Heavy cropper. Ripe February.

012    JONATHAN - Classic American variety. Widely regarded as one of the best flavoured apples with a good sweet/sharp balance. Med sized white flesh with refreshing flavour. All purpose variety valued for sauces & pies. Ripens the same time as blackberries. Ripe February.

013    BENONI – A pleasant heritage apple, attractive yellow skin covered with red/orange blush. Flesh is light & soft with a mild sweet flavour. Rare variety. Disease resistant. It is an ideal home garden variety. Ripe mid February.



014    EGREMONT RUSSET – Small to medium size. Clear golden russet skin. Flavour is sweet & rich with a vanilla taste. Flesh texture is compact and nutty. This is the best of the old English russet apples & one of the healthiest varieties for use in home gardens. Heavy cropping. Ripe late Feb. 

015    DAYTON – Medium to large size. A glossy red apple with firm flesh. Summer dessert apple bred for disease resistance making it an excellent backyard apple. Ripe Feb/March.

016    TELSTAR – Med sized. Pale yellow heavily overlaid with dark crimson stripes. Starred with fine cinnamon russet dots. Flesh is very fine, yellow. Juicy & crisp with a sweet aromatic flavour. One of the best eating apples! Ideal for smaller gardens. Heavy cropper. Ripe late Feb/March. 

017    GOLDEN RUSSET – Small to medium sized golden apple with full russet skin. Tart & flavoursome with a nice crisp flesh. Sweetens with time in the fruit bowl. Well known for its health giving properties & makes wonderful Cider. Heavy cropper. Ripe March. 

018    BIESTERFELDER REINETTE – A German favourite. Introduced 1905, has a good aromatic flavour. Sweet with crisp juicy flesh. Excellent disease resistance. Ripe March. 

019    FREYBURG – Medium to large size. Attractive yellow & green skin. High quality of flavours. Aromatic. Honeyed & very sweet. Taste has a combination of apple, pear & banana. Creamy white flesh with a firm texture. Stunning eating. Well known NZ heirloom. Ripe March. 

020    SIR PRIZE – Long gold green apple with tender skin. Pineapple flavor. It is sweet but also sharp & fruity. Disease resistant making it suitable for the home garden. Ripe March/April.

021    CAPTAIN KIDD – Med sized, bright red streaky skin. A sweet, juicy, reliable cropper.  Resistant to black spot. Ripe March/April.

022    BRAMLEY’S SEEDLING – Large green apple with a hint of red blush. It’s sharp & acidic properties make it famous as a top culinary apple. Ideal for pies & pastries, crumbles & chutney’s. Holds together well when baked. A well known & renowned English cooking apple & over 200 years old. Ripe March/April. 

023    WORSFOLD SEEDLING – Medium to large elongated shaped apple. Lemon yellow when ripe, peppered with a slight russet. Dense flesh with a crispy, sharp old fashioned flavour. Eating or cooking with exceptional flavour. Ripe March/April. 

024    KARMIJN DE SONNAVILLE – Introduced 1971. Intensely flavoured, rich & aromatic with masses of sugar & acidity. Crisp & juicy flesh. Large fruit. A cross of Cox’s Orange Pippin & Jonathan. Ripe March/April. 

025    GOLDEN DELICIOUS – World famous apple with great taste, texture, aroma & appearance. Large, yellow skinned apple, very sweet honeyed taste. Favourite for salads, sauce & apple butter. Mid ripening.  A heavy regular cropper. March/April. 


026    REINETTE DU THORN – Medium size, nicely perfumed dessert apple. Yellow with red streaks & an exceptional flavour. Sweet to sub-acid. Vigorous tree with good disease resistance. Belgium 1854.

027    MONTY’S SURPRISE – Crisp, good eating apple, also used for cooking. Huge fruit. This variety has shown its potent effectiveness at inhibiting cancer cell proliferation & can be eaten as a preventative measure to reduce the incidence of disease in the human body. Ripe April. 

028    JONAGOLD – A big one! Red skin with a gold undertone. Juicy sweet. Crossed between a Jonathan & a Golden Delicious. Ripe April. 

029    WINESAP – Medium size.  Matte red skin with dark red stripes.  Crisp, slightly tart flesh with a wine-like flavour. Renown for it’s reliability & keeping qualities. A kitchen apple where it’s strong tart spicy flavour makes a good base for traditional apple pies, also good choice for juicing. Ripe April.

030    PIGEONETTE – French Origin. This material was collected from Morrison’s Orchard in Warkworth. Their trees date back to 1950 New Zealand. Excellent quality. Small green apples, perfect for kids lunch boxes. Mostly green turning golden with a slight red blush. Firm white flesh. Can be dry. Ripe April/May. 

031    TYDEMANN’S LATE ORANGE – Intensely rich & aromatic apple. Creamy yellow flesh. Sweeter than a Cox’s Orange. Ripe April/May. 

032    CHARDEN – France. Sweet & honeyed. Intensely flavoured & more acidity than Golden Delicious. Late ripening. April/May.

 033    TARA RD APPLE – Crisp medium size apple. Very good flavor. Favourite of the locals. Red striped skin, white flesh. Good keeper. Ripe late May.

034    WINTER GOLD – Medium large size. Red, gold & lemon yellow skin. Very good flavour. Sweet with a crunchy firm texture. The latest good eater I know of! Ripening late June.



035    CIDER LADY’S FINGER – Sharp. Bright red with a golden russet, sweet and rich flavour with a tang.  Also a good dessert apple.

036    SOMERSET RED STREAK – Mild bittersweet. 1917.  Good orchard performance. Prominently red striped. Produces sweet, astringent juice & medium bittersweet cider of ‘average quality’.

037    SWEET COPPIN – Pure sweet, Vintage C18th. Low acid, low tannin. Pale yellow fruit with soft sweet flesh. Produces sweet juice with no astringency & sweet to very mildly bittersweet cider of good quality.

038    BROWNS APPLE – Full sharp. Vintage 1930’s. Arose from Devon. Dark red fruit often stained red flesh. Produces acidic juice with little astringency, scented, fruity cider. Mildly bitter, sharp in character. Slow to crop.

039    NORTHWOOD – Pure & sweet. Vintage 1960’s but may date back to C18th. Produces sweet juice with little astringency, sweet, soft, fruity. Good quality cider.

040    STOKE RED – Bittersweet. Vintage 1920’s. Known as Neverblight. ‘Sealing-wax’ red fruit. Produces sharp juice with some astringency, very sharp, often scented cider. Slow to bear heavy crops.

041    ROYAL WILDING – A classic bittersweet cider apple. Pale yellow (slight green tinge) often golden russet. Medium to large size. A melting mild bittersweet. Makes a rich, pleasantly aromatic cider.

PLUMS ~ $48 

Budded onto Peach and Plum rootstocks grows to 3-4 mtrs.


042    EARLY RED – Medium sized plum. A dark red skin with firm dark red flesh. Tart & sweet. Tree has a weeping spreading form and leaves turn a nice copper bronze in Autumn. Partially self-fertile. Pollinator: Xmas Plums. 

043    BILLINGTON’S EARLY – First red fleshed plum of season. Firm, excellent bottling. Crops heavily, good pollinator. Self-fertile. Ripe Xmas.

044    DUFF’S EARLY JEWEL – Small. Popular red skinned, yellow flesh Xmas plum. Prolific bearer, good pollinator for all plums. Self-fertile. Ripe Xmas. 

045    GRETCHEN’S PLUM– Beautiful bronzed leaf specimen. Red skin, firm red flesh. Very tasty for early plum. Ripe Xmas. 

046    TAMAKI SPECIAL – Large size. Dark red skin, red flesh. Firm plum. Very sweet. Can be picked over several weeks. Pollinators: Xmas plums. Ripe January.


047    HAWERA – Large sized fruit. Red skin, red flesh merging into pink close to the stone. Firm texture. Highly recommended home garden variety. Self-fertile. Ripe late January.

048    SCARLETINA – Small to medium sized. Red skin, red flesh. Good for bottling, jam, sauce, wine, also exceptional eaten fresh. Prolific bearer. A favourite heirloom variety from the Kaipara. Self-fertile. Ripe February.

049    DAMSON – Small round blue-black plum.  Amber green flesh. Prolific bearer. Adored for jams & jelly. Self-fertile. Ripe February.

050    SANTA ROSA – Medium sized. The Queen of all plums. Pinkish red skin, yellow flesh. Juicy & tangy. Good pollinator. Ripe early February.

051    BLACK DORIS – Medium sized fruit. Freestone. Black skin, jam like red flesh. Prized for preserving quality. Pollinator – Duff’’s Early Jewel, Santa Rosa. Ripe early February.

052    KERERU GOLD – Apricot type plum. Gold skin & golden flesh. Freestone. Excellent fresh or as jam. Heavy cropper. Self-fertile. Ripens mid February.

053    SATSUMA - A sweet red fleshed plum with speckled red over green skin. Good dessert quality. Regular cropper. Pollinator – Santa Rosa.  Ripening mid February. 

054    LUCY - Fortune crossed with Luisa Plum. Lucy combines the great flavourmeaty texture and black skin of Fortune with the superb flavour and heart shape of Luisa. Self-fertile. Mid-late season. 


055    GEORGE WILSON - (Omega) Very popular red fleshed plum with speckled red skin. Juicy sweet flesh. All purpose. Home garden must have. Partially self-fertile. Billington’s Early will help. Ripening late Feb. 

056    RUBY RED – Beautiful reddish-black skin. Firm red flesh with outstanding flavour.        Suited for our warmer climates. Ripens after George Wilson extending the harvest season. Pollinator: Santa Rosa.


Budded onto Peach Rootstock. Suited to semi-windy positions. Avoid wet areas, grows to 3-4 m. All are self-fertile.


057    WILLOWS FLOWERING PEACH – Masses of pink blossoms early, spring indicator in July–August. Beautiful feature tree and bee attraction.

058    MEL’S XMAS PEACH – Medium sized. Golden skin with red blush. Juicy golden flesh. Free-stone. Less susceptible to brown rot. Ripe Xmas. 

059    RIB CAGE PEACH – Medium sized fruit. Yellow fruit with pink blemish. Yellow flesh. Sweet flavour. ‘Port Albert’ origin. Ripe early to mid Jan. 

060    CARAVAN PEACHERINE – Large fruit. Sweet melting buttery yellow flesh. Orange skin with red blush. Ripens late Jan. 


061    LADY ADELAIDE – An old treasure from a Scottish friend. Large. White flesh. Exceptional flavour. Juicy peach with heavy crops. Ripening around early Feb. Freestone. 

062    JOY YEARBERRY – A medium sized, elongated peach. Light honey coloured skin with a red blush on the skin & around the stone as it ripens. Firm white flesh with a rich, sweet flavour. Freestone. Ripe February .

063    BLACKBOY – Small sized. Dark red/black skin. Port red & white streaky flesh. Freestone. Bottling favourite. Ripe late February.


064    MIHI – Huge sized peach. Honey coloured skin with red blush. Firm with juicy sweet flavour. Clingstone. Ripe March.

065    CHOOK HOUSE – Golden Queen type, large juicy old-fashioned flavour. Heavy bearing. Ripe March.


Peaches grown from seed have proven true to type. The robust character of seedling’s make them naturally disease resistant and hardy. Just like the one’s found on the side of the road.


066    GOLDEN QUEEN PEACH SEEDLING – Medium sized fruit. Deep yellow skin & flesh. Smooth texture with old fashioned flavour. Classic bottling variety. Clingstone. Ripe March. 


 Budded on Peach Rootstock. Grows to 3-4 mtrs

067    COPPER LEAF NECTARINE - Attractive ornamentally. Dark red skin, white fleshed juicy fruit. Ripe Feb. 

068    NANI’S NECTARINE – Good sized fruit. Red skin with sweet white flesh. Freestone. Prolific fruiter, vigorous growth.. A treasure found in Kaiwaka. Ripe mid Feb. 


Budded on Peach Rootstock grows to 3-4 mtrs.

069    WARKWORTH EARLY APRICOT - Medium sized apricot. Smooth orange skin. Classic apricot flavour. Tart & sweet. Ripens early from Christmas to New Year.

070    SANDSPIT – Sweet golden apricot, regular cropping. Self-fertile. An early fruit, ripe in January

071    WAIPAPAKAURI APRICOT – Medium size, free stone. A strong syrup Apricot, if tree ripened amazing flavour. Orange flesh & skin. Self fertile but will fruit better with mates. Found in Northland, our best Apricot for the Northland conditions. Ripens early Feb.

 ALMONDS ~ $48 

Budded onto Peach Rootstock grows to 3-4 mtrs.

072    MONAVALE – Medium sized nuts. Very high quality flavour. Heavy crops. Good in warmer climate, hardy. Beautiful in blossom. Used in Avenue plantings. Ripening time early Feb. 

 PEARS ~ $48 

Budded onto quince rootstock grows 5-6 mtr. Budded onto P.C rootstock grows 6-8 mtrs.


073    WILLIAM BON CHRETIAN PEAR – Large long necked fruit. Pale green yellow skin with white firm, finely grained flesh that is sweet and juicy.  Ideal for bottling & eating fresh. Good pollinator. Stores well. Ripe late January. 


074    STARK CRIMSON – Dark ruby red skin, attractive pear. Sweet & juicy flesh. Ripening mid January to early Feb. Pollinators: Winter Nelis, WBC. 

075    BUERRE BOSC – Large fruit, cinnamon brown pear.  Regular heavy crops, gourd shape. Superb eating. Pollinator: Seckels.  Ripe mid Feb. 

076    DOYENE DU COMICE PEAR – Rounded greenish-yellow fruit with pink blush. This is a classic gourmet pear & is still highly regarded. Fine smooth flesh that is sweet and juicy. Pollinators: WBC & Buerre Bosc. Ripe Feb/March. 


077    SECKELS – Gourmet, sweet spicy honey pear. Pinky brown skin, crops heavily & reliably. Self-fertile. Good pollinator. Ripe March. 

078    WINTER NELIS – A long keeping dessert quality pear with a light russet skin. Ripens late in March with regular cropping. Pollinator: WBC. 

FIGS ~ $30

079    BLACK – Small sized. Black purplish skin. Very sweet skin & flesh. Red centre with a creamy texture.  A prolific bearer. Great eaten fresh or dried. Early ripening March. 

080    FRENCH SUGAR – Large fruit with green skin and succulent flesh. Creamy mild flavour. Reminiscent of coconut. Long fruiting season, phenomenal cropper in warm districts. Eaten fresh or dried. Early ripening. Begins soon after Black Fig.

081    ADRIATIC – Large fruit. Round green skinned fruit with dark red wine coloured flesh. Huge reliable crops of good dessert figs, great for drying, jam, wine, bottling or eating fresh. Ripening after French Sugar Fig. April. 

CITRUS ~ $38 / $130

3 YEARS OLDS: $38 (4 x citrus fit into 1 package due to their weight).
5 YEARS OLDS: $130 Pick up only (Large PB grade).

LEMONS ~ $38

082    MEYER – Most popular lemon for the home garden. Fruits heavily year after year. Thin skinned, smooth, bright golden fruit throughout the year. Hardiest of all lemons. 

083    LEMONADE – Fast growing & bears quite heavily when young. Fresh tangy flavour. Fruit has pale yellow rind & relatively easy to peel.  Bears July to August. 

084    YEN BEN – Lisbon type but with a thin skin & smaller in growth. Fruits July. Fruit very juicy. Popular export variety. 

LIMES ~ $38 

085    TAHITIAN – Aromatic foliage, highly scented flowers and delicious small juicy fruit. What more could you want! Harvest the fruit when green for that really tangy zing. The fruit gradually turns yellow when fully ripe. Great for cool refreshing drinks. Happiest in a sunny well drained position. 

086    BEARRS – A tangy Lime with seedless fruit that is usually picked in winter when the skin is aromatic and green. Needs a sheltered frost free site to crop really well. Can be grown in a container. Evergreen. 


087    WASHINGTON NAVAL – High quality seedless fruit of excellent flavour. Fruit ripens August and will hang on the tree for months until Harwood Late is ready. With the two varieties you can pick sweet, juicy oranges almost the year through. 

088    Moro-Blood Orange – Medium sized fruit with an almost violet coloured flesh. Moro is juicy and has a slight berry flavour to it.  Ripens in July/August. Max height 2-2.5mtrs

089  CARTER’S NAVAL – A sweet & juicy seedless variety of excellent flavour. Remaining juicy for 2-3 months if left on the tree. Ripens in August. 

090  HARWOOD LATE – Closely related to Valencia. Average-size. Rich flavour, very juicy & sweet. Ripens in November & may carry right through until March. 


091  CUTLER’S RED – Deep red skin. Very similar to Golden Special in quality. Good bearer. Highly ornamental.  Ripens July/ August.

092  GOLDEN SPECIAL – Improved from the well-known Morrison’s Seedless. Fruit large, juicy & deliciously flavoured. Flesh finely grained, richly coloured & quite free of seeds. Skin colour rich golden, thin & easily peeled. The best for breakfasts, drinks & marmalade. Ripens in July & continues through November. 


093  ENCORE –Fruit medium to large in size, thin skin, juicy and rather seedless. Very sweet. A vigorous tree bearing fruit from November to February.

094  SATSUMA – A very popular sweet & seedless fruit. Easy to peel variey ripening in June to July. Best picked as the fruit becomes puffy if left on tree. 


For those who want to graft their own favourite family heirlooms:

095  793 APPLE ROOTSTOCK – Suitable for all soil types & all apple varieties. Grows 3-5m. 

096  N/SPY APPLE ROOTSTOCK – Suited to difficult soils (such as heavy or clay). 

097  PEACH ROOTSTOCK – Suitable for plum and peach. Avoid wet areas. Grows 3-4m.